The Distance Learning Scheme for children aged 7 to 16

Rock Solid Learning is pleased to launch a new educational service, meaning a wider range of families can benefit from having a tutor at hand. The Distance Learning Scheme allows students near and far to receive a solid educational experience, without the commitment or expense of having a tutor come to your home. Through this scheme, children work through carefully chosen coursebooks independently at home, in a way that is helpful to them and in constant consultation with the teacher. After sending images of the completed work to the tutor, you can rest assVideoured that it will be checked thoroughly. The real plus, though, is the production of a personalised 10-minute video providing feedback on the work your child has done, with errors explained and hints and tips given. The teacher will monitor your child’s progress, suggesting which pages to complete next and offering further worksheets where consolidation is needed.


This scheme works best for children who are happy to work on their own, knowing that they will get feedback and support from a teacher after they have tried their best independently. An organised and encouraging family is a great help, providing time and space for the child to engage in their learning.

For KS3 and GCSE learners, maths is available.

For KS2 learners, reading comprehension, grammar, creative writing and maths are offered. It would work best with Year 5 and Year 6 pupils but enthusiastic Year 3 and Year 4 pupils could enjoy this way of practising their skills too.

The benefits of distance learning include the following:

  • It encourages the child to have more independence in their learning, rather than relying on adults telling them what to do.
  • Children are more motivated to work through revision guides and coursebooks knowing someone is going to look at their work.
  • Children feel they get to know their tutor through the videos and communications.
  • There’s no specific time or date for learning. Fit the distance learning around your lives, with no regular commitment.
  • Videos are tailored to your child’s needs and the specific questions your child has done (unlike general YouTube teaching videos).
  • Children learn the importance of clearly communicating their work so that another person can understand it – an essential skill for exams.
  • It’s significantly cheaper than having a tutor come to your home.


We’ll have a free ten minute Skype or Facetime call to introduce ourselves and discuss your child’s needs. Based on this we will choose an appropriate coursebook that your child can use. (Suggested coursebooks are listed further down). You are welcome to suggest any topics you wish to cover and feel free to raise these at any point.

Your child will work through one or two pages of the coursebook at home themselves, using spare lined/squared paper for any working that cannot fit in the coursebook.

Photograph or scan the pages of the coursebook and any extra working, and share them with me via Google Drive. At the same time, pay £12 online to Rock Solid Learning. 

I will give you a minimum of half an hour of my time to check the work and pull out any examples that I want to raise or work on with your child. I will film a 10 minute video directly responding to your child’s work, discussing errors, methods used and clarity of communication on the page. If there is time, I will show your child a harder example, walk them through an exam question on the same topic, or show them something that would be a ‘next step’ in developing this topic. If your child did exceptionally well in their work and there aren’t many corrections to explain, I will spend some of the video pre-teaching the next page(s) of the coursebook, highlighting any potential problems or quick-tricks that could be used.

I will share the video with you via Google Drive and aim to have this done within 48 hours (Mon-Fri). I will also suggest which pages/how many to cover next.

There is no long-term or regular commitment with this distance learning scheme. Share work with me as often as you like!

These are some of the recommended coursebooks but we are not limited to just these if we can find one that suits your child better.

GCSE Maths:
GCSE Edexcel Mathematics The Workbook Higher Level ISBN: 9781782944072
GCSE Mathematics The Workbook Foundation Level ISBN: 9781782944010
Pearson Mathematics Revision Workbook ISBN: 9781292210889

KS3 Maths:
KS3 Maths The Workbook Higher Level ISBN: 9781841460383

KS2 Maths:
SATS Question Book Advanced Level ISBN: 9781782944201
Year 5 Targeted Question Book ISBN: 9781847622136
Year 4 Targeted Question Book ISBN: 9781847622129

KS2 Grammar:
Year 6 Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling ISBN: 9781782941347
SAT Buster Grammar Book 1 ISBN: 9781847629074

KS2 Reading:
KS2 Comprehension Book 1 ISBN: 9780721711546
KS2 Comprehension Book 2 ISBN: 9780721711553
KS2 Comprehension Book 3 ISBN: 9780721711560
KS2 Comprehension Book 4 ISBN: 9780721711577

KS2 Writing:
We will create individual tasks specifically for your child.


  • A child who is on board with the idea.
  • A copy of the agreed coursebook (and spare paper!)
  • A means of photographing or scanning the child’s work clearly.
  • A Google account in order to access Google Drive so that we can share documents and videos (if you have Gmail, you’re set to go).
  • An email account for correspondence.
  • Online banking in order to pay for each session.


Head to the Rock Solid Learning website and fill in the contact form!

Please note: Since Google drive has a 15GB data limit, videos will be removed after 7 days. Please ensure you have watched the video in this time and download it if you wish to keep it for future reference.